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VolNet e.V. enables the cooperation of people from different cultures worldwide, promotes global learning and creates diverse perspectives for encounters. VolNet e.V. sees itself as a learning workshop for creative and political commitment. 

What do we do? 


  • VolNet e.V. arranges social volunteer services to the Gambia, Peru and Uganda. 

  • VolNet e.V. raises awareness in Germany for global and regional social challenges through events, exhibitions, film productions and publications of field reports.   

  • VolNet e.V. supports youth, film and educational projects in the Gambia. In addition to local initiatives and projects, VolNet e.V. supports its sister organisation VolNet Gambia in the expansion of the Benna Kunda residential and meeting place in Gunjur, which is a contact point and project location for local partner groups, young people and volunteers. Activities on the property include art, film and theatre workshops, summer school programmes and sports events. 

  • VolNet e.V. organises fundraising projects to finance the association's projects. 


VolNet e.V. are people who have completed a voluntary service themselves. What unites us all is that we have learned a great deal about ourselves during this very formative time and have taken a lot with us. These experiences, the many perspectives and insights into the local host environment as well as various impressions of visible and tangible global connections during the volunteer service, still shape VolNet members today. Through these experiences we have come together and want to promote intercultural exchange away from Eurocentric power structures towards mutual learning and exchange.



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