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These are turbulent times. The spread of the corona virus is affecting people all over the world. It is understandable that most of the reporting respresents concerns and issues in their own country. But this must not lead to ignoring the challenges and problems in other parts of the world.


From today on we want to use this site to regularly present different perspectives, opinions, activities and debates about the virus in Gambia, Peru and Uganda over the next weeks.


For many years VolNet e.V. has been placing volunteers in these countries and cooperating with local organizations. Following a request by the German government, all volunteers had to leave their projects and host environment at the end of March and travel back to Germany. 


VolNet e.V. would like to stay in contact with the projects, host families and friends. Like many people in Germany, they face many challenges, as does the entire local society. With this webpage we want to offer a platform to report about it. Their voices should be heard and call for solidarity. 


We would like to emphasize that these are subjective reports of experience, which cannot speak for an entire population group and do not reflect the personal opinion of the association and its members. As the Covid-19 situation changes daily, the information given in the reports can of course also be based on subjective and past knowledge.  

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